humble beginnings

Cedar Ridge was founded in May of 2023 by husband and wife, Curtis and Esther. It was started because of our desire to provide people with a boutique-style, intimate, tailored and interactive financial investment experience.

our commitment

We believe that your wealth deserves to be treated with care. You deserve more than a financial salesperson. Your wealth deserves an investment manager with a proven track record of success that you can trust. Our commitment is to manage all of your investments responsibly with competitive and up-to-date strategies and portfolios. We are committed not to outsource or utilize broker-dealers or third party affiliations, so that we are not restricted or pressured to act in any other way except what we deemed as best for you. Our tailored investment solutions will be well suited to a wide range of risk appetites from conservative to aggressive. We work with you to customize elements of your investment strategy that you want to focus on that align with your values and unique circumstances. We are committed to a long term relationship with you. Our goal is to deliver a boutique-style yet sophisticated financial investment service for you.

fee-only model

We work with you on a fee-only basis. We charge a flat management fee as a percentage of your assets that we manage. We do not earn any commissions or extra income from selling financial products. Through this, we seek to eliminate any form of conflict of interest between advisor and client. Our desire is to align our interests and goals together at its best.

open and interactive communication with clients

As much as you would like, we seek an open, honest, and interactive communication with you. We want to hear your questions and concerns. We want to be responsive to your financial circumstances. We want to keep you updated on markets. We want you to make informed and timely decisions. You can be as involved as you want or leave us to be involved for you.

so, why choose Cedar Ridge?

Cedar Ridge is your ideal financial advisor if you say YES to any of these statements:

  •  Because you desire to work with an advisor who is a seasoned money manager, and not a financial salesperson or relationship manager.
  •  Because you desire simplicity and a more tailored experience with your advisor, and not layers of intermediaries and potential conflict of interests.
  •  Because you are investment focused.
  •  Because you desire prompt response to market changes and life circumstances.
  •  Because you desire an advisor that truly values you and your family.